Siemens ECSBPK04 Generator Standby Power Mechanical Interlock review

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Technical Details
  • Electrical/distribution & breakers
  • Made in: united states
  • Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 0.5
    Siemens Standby Power Mechanical Interlock Kits Provide A Means To Ensure That The Main Breaker Powered By Utility Power Within A Panel Is Forced To The Off Position When Standby Power Is In Use. It Also Ensures That The Standby Source Is Forced To The On Position When Stand By Power Is In Use.Made by: SiemensManufacutrer Part Number: ECSBPK04Made in: United StatesDimensions: 8 X 4 X 0.5Category: Electrical/Distribution & Breakers

    Siemens standby power mechanical interlock kits provide a means to ensure that the main breaker powered by utility power within a panel is forced to the OFF position when standby power is in use. It also ensures that the standby source is forced to the OFF position when the utility power is in use. This model (ECSBPK04) is designed for use on Ultimate and Rock Solid load centers (125 amp and lower) to connect the main breaker to a 2-pole circuit breaker. It's compatible with MBK100A and MBK125A utility main breaker types and QP, QPH, and HQPH standby main breaker types. The most common application for an interlock kits is when a portable generator is used to provide back up power to a building. If the utility main breaker in a panel is left in the -"ON"-position while a generator is powering the panel, dangerous back feeding of the utility power lines can occur. (image) The ECSBPK04 interlock kit (view larger). (image) Use on Siemens or Murray panels (view larger). (image) ECSBPK04 Generator Standby Power Mechanical Interlock At a Glance UL listed for use in most Siemens load centers and meter combinations Remains attached to the main breakers when load center cover Corrosion resistant finish For use on Siemens or Murray panels Easy assembly requiring no modifications to the load center or meter combination Suitable for use with optional standby systems in accordance with article 702 of the National Electric Code

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