Portable power station 150Wh generator battery bank by J&B Energy, with AC power inverter 110/60Hz, 5V USB ports, 12V DC Port, perfect for camping, emergency, traveling, CPAP review

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Technical Details
  • PERFECT EMERGENCY PORTABLE GENERATOR: Lithium power supply with three 12V DC ports, two 5V USB output and two 110V AC outlet inverter. Perfect to keep you always with power weather you are camping, traveling or as a home backup generator or backup battery. Capable of powering smartphone, tablets, laptops, fans, car pumps, cpap machine, drones, car fridge and lamps. Please ensure that your AC device does not exceed 100 Watts.
  • EASY TO RECHARGE: it can be charged in three ways: by SUN using a solar panel ( 13V-24V solar charger cable and panel NOT INCLUDED), WALL can be fully charge by plugging it to the wall outlet in 8 hours and CAR charged by 12V car charger included.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND HIGH BATTERY CAPACITY BANK: it works as a portable power bank of 150WH (3.7V 40800mAh/12V 12800mAh) lithium battery. Compacts size that only weights 3.3 lbs and has dimensions of 6.5 x 3.15 x 6.89 in.
  • AC/ USB/12V DC OUTPUTS AND BRIGHT LED LIGHT: It includes variety of outputs,2*110V Dual AC outlet(sine wave max 100W, peak power 150W) allows you to charge laptops, fan, Christmas lights, speakers, etc / 3* 12V DC ports(max 180W, with an cigarette socket cable) perfect for car vacuum, car refrigerator, car air fan, car charger etc/ 2* 5V USB ports for tablets, phones, gps, camera, rc helicopter. .Equipped with a double strip bright led light in case of emergency.
  • SAFETY AND WARRANTY: Battery Management System (BMS) undertakes voltage control, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-power protection, low-voltage protection and over-temperature protection ensuring ultra-safety for you and your devices; can also works as a torch for emergency lighting.J&B Energy offers 45 days of warranty protection. This product is only suitable for small appliances. It does not work with hair dryers, toasters, or big appliances.
    Dont ever run out of power with our portable power generators!  J&B ENERGY Portable Power Generator is a versatile, convenient, large capacity power bank that combines 110 V AC inverter, 12V DC and USB ports. It is designed for outdoor activities like camping, for emergency situations like hurricanes or whenever you need power at any time. It has a lithium ion battery which is quiet and has zero-emissions. It has a pure dual modified sinewave output to efficiently power up lights, phones tablets and appliances without overload.   Easy to carry: it is very small (6.5 x 3.15 x 6.89 in) and it only weights 3.3 lbs so you can have it anywhere and is easy to carry around due to the easy-carry handle. Charge your belongings: you can charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, fans, car pumps, car fridge and lamps. Easy to charge: you have 3 options to charge it.1.It can be charge through the wall using an AC outlet in about 7 hours.2.It can be charged through a 12V outlet in about 13 hours.3.It can be charged using a solar panel and the time frame will depend on the solar condition and size of the panel. Best quality: J&B Power only works with high quality materials that would deliver the best performance.   Multisafety protection system: a.Short-circuit protection b.Over-current protection c.Over-voltage protection d.Low-voltage protection e.Over-load Protection f.Over-temperature protection Package content: 1.Portable solar generator 2.Cigarette light adapter 3.User Manual 4.Power adapter 5.Car charger Please feel free to contact us for after sale customers inquiries.

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