Mophorn Autopilot CO2 Generator Liquid Propane High Altitude Hydroponic Greenhouse CO2 8 Burner Generator LP Gas (8 Burner) review

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Technical Details
  • LP gas type CO2 generator model: 8 burners; Yield of each burner: 3.47 cubic ft/h
  • This CO2 generator produces 16 to 26 cubic feet per hour, suitable for spaces over 3200 cubic feet (approx)
  • Hydroponic greenhouse CO2 will operate automatically after turning on power and gas valve. Handy operation without manual intervention
  • Safety protection device is applied. Standard toppling preventing device will shut off gas ignition immediately once generator turns over, thus preventing leakage and fire disaster
  • CO2 generator mainly used for planting vegetables and hydroponic plants by increasing CO2 content and photosynthetic intensity for greenhouse planting
    New Auto Pilot Hydroponic Greenhouse CO2 8 Burner Generator LP Gas This generator can work with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) only. If natural gas is applied, a special adapter will be needed (not included). Features Full automatic operation Approx 14,200-22,400 BTU Water/vapor resistant technology patent Advanced infrared gas analysis technology Standard toppling preventing device Compact structure with light material Convenient installation and operation Advanced detection technology Suitable for spaces over 3200 cubic feet Significantly improves yields without side effects Specifications Model: 8 burners Type: Liquefied petroleum gas Power Supply: 110V AC Reductor Input Pressure: 25-250PSIG  Greenhouse Area: over 3200 cubic feet Fuel Usage Amount (each burner): 0.075kg/h Yield of Each Burner: 3.47 cubic ft/h Precision: @22℃(72℉)±40ppm, plus 3% of reading Signal Refresh Interval: 2 seconds Storage Condition: -40~70℃ (-40~158℉) Working Condition: 0~50℃(32~122℉); 0~95%RH Gross Weight: 11kg (24.2lbs) Package Dimensions: 50x33x50cm (20x12x20") Package Content 1 X 8 Burner Gas type CO2 Generator 1 X Power Supply Adapter 1 X Regulator w/ Hose 12ft 1 X Steel Chain and Hanger

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