Friday Part AVR for Titan Capital Equipment Frontier Gas Diesel Generator 6.5 7.5KW 8KW 10KW review

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Technical Details
  • Built-in Full-Wave Output Bridge Rectification
  • Voltage Output Increase with Loading
  • Stable Voltage Output with Negative Voltage Feedback
  • Over Voltage, Over Current and Short Circuit Protection
  • Large Manual Adjustable Voltage Output Range of 160V ~ 260V for 242V output
    Part Number:AVR-TG8000-TIPPremium 6.5KW to 8.5KW Replacement Adjustable Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR) for Titan Industrial, Capital Equipment & Titan Frontier Branded 5000/5500/6000/6500/7000/7500/8000/8500 Watt Portable Gas & Diesel Generators. It can handle maximum surge power up to 10KW. Packing Contents: 1 X AVR-TG8000-TIP1) A higher output AVR definitely works perfect on a generator of low power output while on the contrary, a low power output AVR CAN NOT be used for a generator of higher power output.2) Most of Replacement AVRs in the market are rated only 5KW and can only handle a maximum power of 6KW. They are too weak to be used unless the total load of your generator won't exceed 5KW!3) If our AVR is out of adjustment for your generator, please MANUALLY turn clockwise or counter-clockwise a small bronze screw in a blue rubber part to reach your desirable power output. Clockwise turning is for increasing and counter-clockwise turning for decreasing voltage output. If this does not help you out, please contact with us for tech support.4) A 2-wire capacitor voltage regulator may be installed in your generator. If so, you shall find a compatible generator capacitor in our Store.Technical Specifications:1.Maximum Output: DC 90V 3.5A.2.Excitation Voltage: 90V ~ 100V.3.Feedback Voltage: 14V ~ 24V with an Average of 18V.4.Frequency: 50/60Hz.5.AC Voltage Output: 120V/240V.6.Auto Voltage Adjusting Accuracy: ±1%.7.Maximum Temperature Rise: 130C or 266F.8.Continuous Working Time: 20 Hours.9.Installation-Center Distance: 140 ± 1mm (about 5.5 in).

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