Drivworld Mute 5kw electric car range extender car range extender Portable Generator (5kw yellow) review

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Technical Details
  • Adopt new frequency conversion technology: adopt new intelligent frequency conversion technology, automatically detect loss of power, loss of power will automatically control the throttle to send the appropriate power, not only fuel-efficient, but also make the electric vehicle battery more durable
  • Free installation: no need to worry about wiring, green switch start, red flameout, positive and negative street battery can be used
  • Humanized design: The fuselage adopts German cylinder head and valve, and the outer cover is anti-hot design, making the power sound smaller
  • Rugged ground, new upgrade seismic base
  • Stylish atmosphere, small size, easy installation
    The use of new intelligent inverter technology, automatic detection of power loss, the number of loss of electricity will automatically control the throttle issued the corresponding power, real-time conversion of power generation to meet the needs of different road conditions, not only fuel-efficient, make the car battery more durable.

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