Walfront 702K-AS-HC Automatic Start Diesel Generator Controller Board Monitor Panel review

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Technical Details
  • Controller has integral tamper-proof LCD hours run counter to indicate total engine run time
  • Controller offers an excellent range of engine monitoring and protection features
  • The module has been designed to monitor low oil pressure, high engine temperature, over speed and a user defined auxiliary input
  • It also has the capability to monitor battery charging by utilising the WL terminal on the charge alternator
  • When the module detects a fault condition it automatically shuts down the engine
    Specifications: Model: 702K-AS-HC DC Supply: 8V to 35V continuous Cranking Dropouts: Able to survive 0V for 50mS, providing supply was at least 10V before dropout and supply recovers to 5V. This is achieved without the need for internal batteries. Alternator Input Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz at rated engine speed(minimum:15V Over-speed: nominal frequency +14% (+24% overshoot) Alternator Input Range: 15-305 V AC RMS (+20%) Start Output: Solid state 1.2A negative grounding Run Output: Solid state 1.2A negative grounding terminal Pre-Heat Output: Solid state 1.2A negative grounding terminal Size: 8.5*7*3.8cm/3.3*2.8*1.5in Module Operation 1. Select "HAND". >2. Press pre-heat button for required length of time. >3. Press START (I) to crank engine. Once "HAND" is selected and the Start button is pressed and maintained, the engine fuel system is energized. The starter disengages automatically when the engine fires or when the Start button is released. The protection hold-off timer is then initiated. Operation of any of the following alarms (which are close on fault) will cause the fuel output to de-energize: Low Oil Pressure High Coolant Temperature Auxiliary Shutdown Over-speed - 57Hz/68Hz (Nominal frequency selector switch, 50Hz/60Hz, accessible through slots in base of module). Package Includes 1 x Controller 2 x Keys 2 x Screws

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